Software Tools

12 years experience. Complete knowledge of all phases of Maya from modeling, lighting, Mental Ray, UV layout, Rigging, Animation, Particles and Dynamics capabilities.
7 years working experience with ZBrush. Thorough knowledge and usage of Sculpting, Materials, Polypainting as well as an entire pipeline/workflow utilizing ZBrush in daily production work.
Using Topogun for Retopology, AO & Normal map baking
nDO & dDO
Use nDo for Ambient Occlusion and Specular map generation. Currently exploring the power of dDo texturing and a pipeline tool
Using Photoshop for 25 yrs now. I'm fully versed in all PS tools utlizing it for Conceptual Art, Texture Painting as well as graphic design, ads, etc.
I have a full knowledge of Unity's platform as well as pushing it's power to the limits in the mobile development space. Asset integration, UI and complete builds from prototyping to complete game development experience.
15 yrs experience. I use Premiere beyond it's intentions in video editing and can achieve editing from animatics to cinematic level work and effects, including full sound recording and editing experience.

Workflow Techniques

Workflow content coming soon.