About Feeble's Fable™

Feeble's Fable™, a fun "puzzle / adventure" game, is a coming-of-age story about a brave young hero thrust into a perilous situation to help save his race of gentle creatures known simply as "Youngans". Feeble must journey through many forbidden lands in search of power shards which were once part of a precious sunstone jewel that provided the life-force of his people. Each land is ruled over by giant beasts known as the Guardians of the Elements whom Feeble must befriend and gain trust before being allowed access to cross the land and continue his journey. To unlock each gateway (portal) to a new land, the player must gather supplies from a hidden object puzzle scene then trek toward a stone puzzle which must be solved to collect the moonstone key which unlocks each gateway.

The game story and concept was designed by me with initial characters based on artist Justin Hillgrove character design.

Game Prototype For Kickstarter Campaign

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