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A little story about me!

I am a life long artist with both traditional and digital skills. My digital and 3D skills began in 2000 and I have worked on many game development cycles, documentary productions and in these past 5 years as a theme park design and fabrication artist, utilizing all of my traditional sculpting and digital 3D and CAD design skills. I am an accomplished writer having published several training books as well as adventure stories. Additionally, I have an extensive background in working with music composers as well as voice actors and overseeing a development team of talent in all disciplines from conceptual design and story writing, through modeling, rigging and animation productions, then, finally, to publication or installation. Most recently I have been honored to have designed, fabricated and project managed several themed experiences for Give Kids The World Village in Kissimmee, Florida.

My key skills.

Graphics & Conceptual Design

Maya 3D Modeling and Fusion 360 CAD

Unity and Unreal Game Engine

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

3D Printing | CNC Fabrication | VCarve Pro

Creative Director and Art Direction of Teams

Themed Design and Interactive Experiences

Escape Rooms both Physical and VR Development

My Demo Reels.

3D Games | Virtual Reality

3D Games | Family Friendly

Kick'n Chick'nz: Medieval Karnival

3D Games | Pray For Dark

Video Instruction | Snowman

Live Instruction | Frankenstein

Pre-Production Trailer | Abandoned Mines of El Diablo

Video Instruction | Texturing For Non-Artists

My portfolio of work

  • themed design concepts
  • game art concepts
  • personal props
  • virtual reality
  • give kids the world
  • walt disney world

What people say.

Michael Bausman-Manager
Give Kids The World

"Michael has worked for our resort for the past 4 years, having designed our new Serendipity II ship. He also served as overall project manager, overseeing all demolition of the older ship and site cleanup, as well as fabrication of the many props and characters for our 70 foot beautiful ship. Michael has also provided us with many crates and barrels for our Jurassic Junction Railroad Station, a new compass rose medallion within the Castle of Miracles and our highly praised signature family experience, Stellar's Star Experience."

Dave Prout-Director

"Michael was instrumental during our development of TORN VR. He and his art team helped elevate our production to a higher level then expected and truly appreciated. Michael's attention to direction, speed and performance of work was truly professional."

Steve Jubinville-VFX Artist

"I had the pleasure of working with Michael many years ago and we have remained close friends for the last 18 years. Michael is an exceptional 3D artist and training instructor."

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Direct phone and email by request

Celebration, Florida 34747

United States